What Is Family/Divorce Mediation? Family/Divorce mediation is a process in which family members experiencing conflict work together with the help of mediators to resolve their concerns in a non-adversarial manner.


Who can benefit from Family Mediation Solutions?

  • Married Couples
  • Unmarried Couples
  • Previously Divorced Couples
  • Anyone who wishes to resolve an area of conflict amicably.

Our focus is to help you decide what is best for your family’s future. At Family Mediation Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you resolve conflict, save time, and money. When you commit to family first, mediation works, and you get the greatest value when you make Family Mediation Solutions your first choice.

Our mediators help you avoid the typical obstacles and pitfalls of divorce/separation and direct you toward amicable decision-making, resulting in well-crafted agreements for effective co-parenting, time-sharing and financial arrangement. Your choices are made in private rather than in the public arena of a courthouse. Couples can advance toward a final agreement as slowly or as quickly as they choose.

Family Mediation Solutions offers a safe and collaborative approach to divorce, separation, time-sharing and financial issues in an innovative way that is less divisive and more compassionate to all parties involved. We aid you in deciding decide for yourselves how your family will function after divorce or other family restructuring.

Our mediators are not only certified by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida, but they also have extensive Collaborative Divorce Law training. They are well-respected and experienced members of their professions who are eager to share their knowledge and abilities with you.

Having worked for many years in the traditional family law setting, we have learned that family courts are simply not family friendly. Courts are expensive and intimidating places for families. We believe litigation can be devastating and should be a last resort. Mediating with Family Mediation Solutions is a great opportunity for parents to formulate their own decisions for the future success of their restructured families

After reaching your final agreement, we always recommend you each have an attorney review your agreement. While this is a strong recommendation, it is ultimately your decision.

Whatever family dispute you face, Family Mediation Solutions is prepared to assist you in reaching the most satisfying result possible for your family.

Call now for a free, no obligation consultation with your mediators at Family Mediation Solutions – Contact US.

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