Simply stated, family mediation is a process of conflict resolution using mediators to help people communicate in a non-adversarial manner.

Family mediation: Psychologist supporting young couple

Psychologist holding hands of couple during a therapy session. Marriage counselor supporting young couple.

In many, but not all cases, family mediation is an alternative to court. It affords families a civil, constructive and respectful way to resolve family conflict. Family mediation may include married or unmarried couples or anyone attempting to amicably resolve family conflict. It is for couples with or without children and may also include relationships other than couples, for example, parent and adult child(ren). Family mediation occurs when a mediator, (preferably trained and certified) assists family members toward conflict resolve. At Family Mediation Solutions, our clients work with a family law attorney and a mental health professional, both of whom are certified as Family Mediators by the Supreme Court of Florida and who remain neutral throughout the mediation process

Generally, mediation begins at the first meeting with the mediator. At Family Mediation Solutions, we offer a 30-minute free consult to inform the clients what we can offer them and how we administer the process. As the mediator gathers information from both parties, they then decide whether the process would be better accomplished with both parties in the same room or in caucus (where each party is in separate rooms and the mediator moves back and forth between parties).

The process of mediation affords people the opportunity to resolve conflict with less stress, less divisiveness, less money, a greater voice throughout the process, and it is often an approach that moves more swiftly than if the case goes to family court.
One can turn to family mediation at any point in their struggle for an amicable solution, recognizing that mediation saves the most time by making it the first step in the process.

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