Q: What is divorce mediation as we at Family Mediation Solutions do it?


A confidential process in which a neutral mediator mental health professional and a neutral mediator attorney provide a safe environment where parties can reach agreements amicably. It is generally less expensive, less time consuming, less intrusive and more satisfying than other available forms of divorce or other means of resolving family conflict.

Q: Am I a good candidate for divorce with Family Mediation Solutions?


If you are part of a family which is suffering from conflict, whether you are married, unmarried, LGBT, straight, previously divorced, or considering divorce, our experienced neutral mediators can help you resolve your conflict and restructure your family in a satisfying manner, looking toward future happiness rather than past sadness

Q: What collaborative techniques are used by Family Mediation Solutions?


All mediation participants are members of the same team, working together to resolve differences in the best interest of the entire family. Everyone involved is treated with dignity and respect. Decisions are made by the parties using interest-based negotiation, assisted by our collaboratively trained mediators.

Q: How is divorce mediation different from collaborative divorce?


As practiced by Family Mediation Solutions, divorce mediation affords parties the benefits of the best aspects of collaborative law combined with the simplicity of mediation. Lawyers are optional, costs are lower and time is saved enabling participants to move forward more quickly and retain more of their own assets. The major difference between our method of divorce mediation and collaborative divorce is that lawyers representing the parties, coaches and financial experts are consulted as needed rather than being required members of the team who are present at each meeting.

Q: What are the benefits of divorce mediation with Family Mediation Solutions?


Our neutral and highly experienced mediators are available to provide you with a voluntary, confidential, flexible, and safe solution to your family’s needs. They will provide education regarding the issues you need to decide upon and can facilitate your agreements helping you to make all the important decisions about your family by yourself. Lawyers and other professionals are optional and are consulted on an “as needed” basis by the parties. They may participate in any or all of the mediation sessions but are not required to attend.

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